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Insurance companies may pay out for accidents, but they cannot restore health.

Insurance companies may pay out for accidents, but they cannot restore health. Our Anti Slip floor treatment meets OH&S standards and is the best insurance to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Tile Rescue’s unique Anti-Slip tile treatment system is the solution to wet and slippery floors and steps. Prevent costly accidents by ensuring your floors are made safe. Research has shown that many slip/floor accidents occur each year in the home and the workplace. All workers should be provided with safety underfoot in their work environment.

The Tile Rescue Anti-Slip tile treatment is a low cost, long lasting, anti-slip solution that will give you years of problem free floors if maintained. The treatment is ideal for ceramic, porcelain, granite and mosaic tiles as well as terrazzo and concrete. Our system is suitable for all areas that are slippery when wet. Bathrooms, showers, kitchens, laundries, swimming pools, porches, steps and ramps.

HIATile Rescue’s Anti-Slip treatment is used across all industries including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, factories, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, health clubs, shopping malls and office buildings. In fact, anywhere where wet, slippery tiles create a slip/fall accident risk.

Our Tile Rescue technicians are fully trained with many years experience in successfully treating slippery floors. (Covered with appropriate Public Liability and Product Insurance).

Anti Slip tile treatment system1 Anti Slip Coatings And Anti Slip Flooring
Anti Slip Coatings And Anti Slip Flooring
2 to 1 Guarenteed Anti Slip Coatings And Anti Slip Flooring


How does the treatment work?

A passive change is chemically created on the tile surface by the application of the Tile Rescue liquids in an “apply and wash off” process. Our treatment is not a coating and will not peel off and there is no discernible change to the appearance of the tiles after treatment. The treatment is applied quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption, with the treated area safe to be walked on immediately.

How long will the treatment last?

Because the Tile Rescue Anti-Slip treatment penetrates the tile and is not a coating, we warrant the treatment for up to 5 years, providing that regular cleaning with recommended cleaning products is maintained. The treatment and maintenance cleaners also inhibit bacteria build-up. The Anti-Slip treatment will become less effective if a build up of great, oil, soap or fats is allowed to accumulate on the surface.

Independent tests have proven that our Anti-Slip treatment will provide an average 75-100% improvement in slip resistance in WET CONDITIONS (which is when most accidents occur).

How much will it cost?

Tile Rescue offers very competitive rates, which will vary depending on the size and number of floor surfaces to be treated. We can provide you with an obligation free inspection and quote. The treatment is an inexpensive way of providing dramatically improved, slip resistant, floor safety.


Because our tile and grout experts own their businesses they have lower overheads than our competitors. A better deal for you, every time!

Our call centre dispatches every call to the local expert within 30 minutes, during business hours. You can expect to discuss your requirements with your expert the same day.

Not only will we come to your place outside of business hours but we won’t charge extra for it.

Your tile & grout expert owns their business so they really care about giving you the best service and results unlike some employees. We don’t outsource work to other contractors so there are never any communication or quality issues.

Your on the spot quote will always include options where relevant so you’ll never pay for repairs you don’t need.

We don’t up-sell products or services when we arrive. Because your quote comes with options that are clearly explained to you, you’ll never feel pressured into spending more than you have to.

We like to keep things very simple! Our one-page docs very clearly outline the terms and conditions of a warranty. It really is worth the paper it’s written on! if a problem persists, we’ll rectify the issue – pronto.

If we say 9am, we’ll be there at 9am

Expect honest, clear, explanations of every problem we assess complete with options. We even give you a demo on how to look after your surfaces ongoing.

To earn the right to be an expert every technician completes both in-house and onsite training at our product manufacturing plants. Their extensive product knowledge is recognised by tile retailers, tilers, builders and architects Australia-wide.

We’ve developed our own range of cleaning products & sealers. To give you the best results we’re always testing our products against the industry’s. We’ve tested every commercial grade product on the market and ours are as good if not better.

Expect your visiting Tile Rescue expert to be clean, tidy and smelling fresh! As your guest, it would be rude to be late so expect us on time. We’ll not only leave the work area clean but even cleaner than it was before.


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