As Australia’s leading Tile & Grout Maintenance Group, we know the importance of delivering first class service.

no-guest-likes-mouldy-showersOur Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe clients consistently choose us to help them provide outstanding experiences to their own clientele, pronto!

Renovations and upgrades are always on the list, but we understand it is difficult schedule down-time, funds and other resources when room occupancy or bottoms-on-seats is your primary focus. That’s where Tile Rescue can help!

Tile Rescue delivers a broad range of solutions to our Hospitality clients, with minimal down-time, at the fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

From Tile and Grout Cleaning, Bathroom Makeovers, Anti-slip Solutions and Stone Rejuvenation Solutions to Kitchen Compliance Repairs and Epoxy Grouting – we know tiles and have the solutions!

What do your Guests say about your Bathrooms?

Nobody likes a grubby toilet, shower or bathroom! Ask us about our Express Makeovers – a stunning, cost-effective solution for grubby, bathrooms and mouldy showers.

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