clear signs of shower leak

Leaking showers are not always obvious to the untrained eye. Unless the carpet is wet, there’s mould in a wardrobe or the door frames are swollen, the shower isn’t actually leaking, right?

Wrong! ANY damaged or missing grout, failing seals or loose tiles means your shower IS leaking. It’s just that it’s only leaking internally, and not destroying other parts of the property…. YET.

Early detection is crucial, so don’t ignore a leaking shower – it just isn’t worth it. Leaking showers can cause serious damage to a property, very quickly, so don’t wait until costly water damage occurs before doing something about it.

Tile Rescue offer Free Shower Health Check services for all clients.
You can also  Click here to download our Free DIY Shower Health Check Guide.

If you’re a tenant, report any signs of a leak to your Agent immediately. Remember: the longer it is left, the bigger impact it will have on your household!

If you’re a property owner and suspect a problem, book a free Shower Health Check asap, or request your Managing Agent arrange it for you.

Remember, water damage from a leaking shower can escalate very quickly – as does the repair bill!