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Graeme has been a Tile Rescue technician for over 3 years and has a reputation of professional standards. His attention to detail is an effective and integral part of the day to day running of his business. His commitment to the residential components in the Rockhampton area and surrounds has enabled him into homes to resolve leaking showers and shower & bathroom makeovers giving all things tiled a solution for these areas. Graeme has canvassed his area and has marketed his business to suit the Rockhampton lifestyle.


After many years of not being able to clean my bathroom properly, my daughters contacted Tile Rescue for me. Brad came and quoted on what I needed within a couple of days and it was booked in a week later to do the makeover. I was overjoyed with the result I received after my bathroom makeover. My daughters cannot believe that the bathroom tiles have not been removed. I am very happy with what Tile Rescue have done with my bathroom and would recommend them to anyone wanting their bathroom to look like new without the big cost.

Michelle, Rockhampton

Our Services

Free Shower Health Check
We carry out an advanced leak detection test to locate the source of the problem. Your free report enables you to make informed choices, and compare repairers. If you need a plumber we’ll tell you. Read more

Leaking Balconies

A leaking balcony can not only be a real nuisance but if left un repaired it can cause very expensive problems. Read more

Tile re-grouting

Tile Rescue use only premium grade grout meaning better adhesion and less absorbent to harsh cleaning products which means it will last longer and is easier to look after. Read more

Shower Cleaning

Because grout is porous and porous materials will always stain unless they are sealed. Sealants provide a barrier and prevent contaminants from penetrating deep into the grout. Read more

Grout Cleaning Sealing

Tile Rescue’s Grout ColourSeal solution provides premium, long-term protection for floors in new homes, and completely transforms aged household floors. Read more

Bathroom Makeovers

A new bathroom can cost well over 10K. Chances are your existing bathroom can be restored to its former glory by completely removing built up dirt, grime & mould. Read more

Stone Polishing And Rejuvenation

You’ve chosen precious tiles or stone to achieve the look you really love, or you’ve purchased a property with beautiful floors or bench tops… but, they are dull, worn, stained and need reviving. Read more

Outdoor Cleaning

Tile Rescue can not only transforms the tiles inside your home or business but the outside tiles too. Our Outdoor Cleaning services will ensure that the entry to your home is both clean, but also safe by removing any moss or algae. Read more

Anti Slip Coatings And Anti Slip Flooring

Insurance companies may pay out for accidents, but they cannot restore health. Our Anti Slip floor treatment meets OH&S standards and is the best insurance to prevent slip and fall accidents. Read more

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile Rescue are Australia’s leading tile and grout maintenance group trusted by some of the country’s best known brands. Read more


Tile Rescue Rockhampton
Tile Rescue Rockhampton
Tile Rescue Rockhampton
Tile Rescue Rockhampton