Leaking showers cause serious damage that can turn out to be very costly and time-consuming to repair. Water from a leaking shower can make its way to a home’s framing or seep into the ceiling of the room underneath. In fact, you’ll rarely notice damage in the bathroom itself. If ignored, you could find yourself dealing with mould, wood rot, disgusting odors, and a very expensive repair bill.

What causes leaky showers? Homes, when built, experience a lot of changes. Soil consistency, weather changes, and the passage of time – all of these are contributing factors that cause a house’s structure to shift around, creating areas of stress and cracks. This is certainly not a good thing when it comes to bathrooms, as constant shifts eventually weaken and cause grout to crack, giving water a direct path to the home’s sub-structure. Constant movement and vibration also cause gaps between the wall and the floor of the shower recess; a common cause of leaks. If the water reaches load-bearing beams and joists, causing them to rot, your home will need to undergo a major renovation – and you know just how costly that can be.

What can I do then?

The best way to avoid damage caused by leaks is to act as soon as you notice it (or you can stop using the shower completely, if you’re fine with that). Attempting to fix it yourself is another option, but will only serve as a temporary solution, as silicone-based compounds you can use to seal cracks will eventually succumb to wear-and-tear, leaving you with the same problem. You can also replace all of your bathroom’s tiles if you’re up to it. Though this method will ensure your bathroom is waterproof once again, it will cost you a lot of money, and could possibly take more than a week to complete.

So is there any other option?

You can give us a call. With our 25 years of experience dealing with leaking showers on the Gold Coast, we have perfected the repair process and can guarantee your shower will be completely free of leaks in no time. We can repair most showers in less than a day, and this can cost you less than $550 – way less than removing your bathroom’s tiles! The best part? Our service comes with a 12-year warranty, leaving you free of worry.

Our service

Before we start repairing your shower, our technicians will conduct a thorough analysis; we’ll assess the damage, conduct some tests, and describe all the issues of your faulty shower. We’ll make sure you understand each and every detail before proceeding with the repair. Tile Repair’s Shower Health Check service is completely free of charge, and you are under no obligation to go through with the repair.

Once you decide to proceed with the process, the Tile Rescue technician will give you a detailed “on the spot” report, and will be the very person in charge of the repair. No tile removal is required for this service, saving you more money and time. We’ll make sure no unappealing odors and mess is left behind during the whole process. In most cases, the newly-repaired showers can be used in less than 24 hours. After our service is complete, our technicians will be more than happy to address any questions you may have regarding maintenance and keeping your showers watertight.

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