As a rule… no! Grout is porous, and regular use of bleach and other caustic products causes the grout ‘pores’ to open, and quickly disintegrate.

Ever wondered why cleaning your shower with bleach only works well for a few days? The ‘open pores’ caused by using harsh cleaning products make your grout vulnerable to bacteria and mould ingress inevitably occurs.

Once the grout starts to disintegrate, the grout joints become shallow and weak, often resulting in water penetration and build-up behind the tiles. And, before you know it, you have a Leaking Shower! Always use PH Neutral products to clean your tiles and grout, particularly in the shower.

If grout is crumbling or falling out, or the wall and floor corner joints are damaged or missing, the chances are your shower is leaking. It may not be visible in adjacent cupboards or rooms – yet, but structural damage from water escaping through damage or missing grout is inevitable! Have the shower inspected immediately by a Leaking Shower expert, to avoid more costly, long-term damage to your property.

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