Myth Busters

All tiles can be sealed

No! Only porous surfaces can be sealed. Applying sealers to non-porous surfaces can be disastrous, and costly to rectify. Always seek professional advice before applying a sealer to your tiles. Book a free on-site visit with your local Tile Rescue Technician to determine if your tiles or stone can be sealed.

If you know your tiles are porous, the correct sealer for your tile or stone type must be applied. Applying the incorrect type of sealer can have costly repercussions, and even cause irreparable damage!

I can seal the tiles myself

Anyone can ‘apply’ the sealer, but not just anyone can repair the damage if the wrong sealers are used. A common mistake home owners make is to take the DIY sealer approach.

Your local hardware store sells sealing products, so how hard can it be? In the first instance, the surface must be porous. Surfaces must also be ‘prepared’ for the application of a sealer, in order for the sealant to do it’s job, and last. Always have an experienced applicator advise on the type of sealer you need, for your floor type. A professional Tile Technician should offer warranty on sealing solutions – a key benefit you don’t get when taking on a DIY sealing project!

Bleach is the best cleaner for showers

As a rule… no! Grout is porous, and regular use of bleach and other caustic products causes the grout ‘pores’ to open, and quickly disintegrate.

Ever wondered why cleaning your shower with bleach only works well for a few days? The ‘open pores’ caused by using harsh cleaning products make your grout vulnerable to bacteria and mould ingress inevitably occurs.

Once the grout starts to disintegrate, the grout joints become shallow and weak, often resulting in water penetration and build-up behind the tiles. And, before you know it, you have a Leaking Shower! Always use PH Neutral products to clean your tiles and grout, particularly in the shower.

If grout is crumbling or falling out, or the wall and floor corner joints are damaged or missing, the chances are your shower is leaking. It may not be visible in adjacent cupboards or rooms – yet, but structural damage from water escaping through damage or missing grout is inevitable! Have the shower inspected immediately by a Leaking Shower expert, to avoid more costly, long-term damage to your property.

A Leaking Shower needs to be Re-tiled

Actually, in most cases – it doesn’t. If you think about it, tiles are not porous – grout is. Generally it is the grout joints and corners of the shower recess that need replacing, and the recess itself made waterproof. Yes, the original membrane under the tiles may have failed, or deteriorated, but a correctly sealed shower recess should not allow any water to even reach the underlying membrane.

With literally thousands of successful Leaking Shower Repairs under our belt, (many of them in brand new homes!), Tile Rescue Technicians repair Leaking Showers without removing tiles, in a matter of hours. And, our genuine 12 year warranty is your peace of mind. Never ignore a Leaking Shower – contact your local Tile Rescue Technician to carry out a free leak detection test, as soon as a leak is suspected.