1. Tile Rescue technicians are highly experienced, local tile and grout experts.
  2. No call-out fees!
  3. Tile Rescue Technicians are house-trained!
  4. All Technicians own their own local Tile Rescue businesses – no passing the buck.
  5. Our warranties are genuine.
  6. Tile Rescue are Australia’s leading tile and grout maintenance group, and preferred suppliers to over 200 Real Estate Agencies.
  7. We know tiles, and have the solutions – we offer free advice and free inspections.
  8. Tile Rescue’s pricing is extremely competitive – we are individual business owners and have lower overheads than our competitors.
  9. Your visiting Technician is hands-on. No outsourcing = no communication problems!
  10. Our efficient Support Centre refer you directly to your local Technician – no over the phone guess work – no surprises!