Safe and superior Anti-Slip treatment for your tile flooring.

Our Anti-Slip floor treatment meets WH&S standards and is the best insurance to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Tile Rescue’s Anti-Slip tile treatment is the solution to wet and slippery floors and steps. Whether it’s in a commercial  property or in your home, this low cost, long-lasting solution will give you years of problem-free floors.

This treatment is ideal for ceramic, porcelain, granite and mosaic tiles as well as terrazzo and concrete.

Suitable for all areas of the home or business, in fact anywhere if wet, slippery tiles create a slip/fall accident risk.

Tile Rescue’s Anti-Slip treatment is also used across all industries including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, factories, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, health clubs, shopping malls and office buildings. Anywhere where wet, slippery tiles create a slip/fall accident risk, this product can minimise the danger.

Our Tile Rescue technicians are fully trained with many years of experience in successfully treating slippery floors and covered with appropriate Public Liability and Product Insurance.

How long will the treatment last?

Up to five years! Tile Rescue Anti Slip treatment penetrates the tile deeper then just coating.  To prolong this treatment we recommend using the correct cleaning products as the Anti-Slip treatment will become less effective if a build-up of dirty, oil, soap or fat accumulate on the floor surface.

Independent tests have proven that our Anti-Slip treatment will provide an average 75-100% improvement in slip resistance in wet conditions which is when most accidents occur.

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