Cleaning your shower’s stained grout is unpleasant and can feel like an endless battle. That’s because it is!


After months of trying to get rid of grubby grout in my shower I contacted Tile Rescue. Once the job was completed the shower and tiles looked brand new and clean again. The technician did a fantastic job and the bathroom was left clean and tidy. I would recommend Tile Rescue to anyone who needs a shower makeover! I was so impressed I am going to get them back to do further work in my home.

Paula Hunter

Why is it so hard?
Because grout is porous and porous materials will always stain unless they are sealed. Sealants provide a barrier and prevent contaminants from penetrating deep into the grout. When your grout is sealed mould just wipes off.
But bleach works, right?
For a short time it seems to work but bleach and other chemicals supermarket products actually destroy grout by opening the pores and allowing bacteria and other undesirable contaminants to get in. Thus making the grout even harder to clean, unsightly and unhygienic.
What about natural products?
Even natural products like vinegar can have the same effect as harsh chemicals. They can disintegrate the grout exposing the tiled area to water damage and loose tiles. Vinegar is for salad not cleaning grout.



We inspect the surface and determine what type of grout has been used so we can use the right product.


We clean the area using grout friendly products that won’t cause any damage.


A sealer is applied that not only protects the grout but makes cleaning so easy from now on!


We recommend the correct products and techniques to use ensuring you never have any more grout issues.


Competitive Pricing

Because our tile and grout experts own their businesses they have lower overheads than our competitors. A better deal for you, every time!

Rapid Response Times

Our call centre dispatches every call to the local expert within 30 minutes, during business hours. You can expect to discuss your requirements with your expert the same day.

Appointment Times That Suit You

Not only will we come to your place outside of business hours but we won’t charge extra for it.

Owner Operated

Your tile & grout expert owns their business so they really care about giving you the best service and results unlike some employees. We don’t outsource work to other contractors so there are never any communication or quality issues.

Quotes With Options

Your on the spot quote will always include options where relevant so you’ll never pay for repairs you don’t need.

No Pressure & No Up-sells

We don’t up-sell products or services when we arrive. Because your quote comes with options that are clearly explained to you, you’ll never feel pressured into spending more than you have to.Genuine Warranties
We like to keep things very simple! Our one-page docs very clearly outline the terms and conditions of a warranty. It really is worth the paper it’s written on! if a problem persists, we’ll rectify the issue – pronto.

We Arrive On Time

If we say 9am, we’ll be there at 9am.

Everything Explained

Expect honest, clear, explanations of every problem we assess complete with options. We even give you a demo on how to look after your surfaces ongoing.

Intensive Training

To earn the right to be an expert every technician completes both in-house and onsite training at our product manufacturing plants. Their extensive product knowledge is recognised by tile retailers, tilers, builders and architects Australia-wide.

Ongoing Research & Development

We’ve developed our own range of cleaning products & sealers. To give you the best results we’re always testing our products against the industry’s. We’ve tested every commercial grade product on the market and ours are as good if not better.

We’re Guests In Your Home

Expect your visiting Tile Rescue expert to be clean, tidy and smelling fresh! As your guest, it would be rude to be late so expect us on time. We’ll not only leave the work area clean but even cleaner than it was before.


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