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Don’t live with a grubby shower!

Over time, grout becomes stained and impossible to keep clean. This is usually due to age and harsh supermarket chemicals that break down the integrity of the grout. When grout breaks down it becomes porous which is an ideal environment for mould to thrive.

We provide premium shower makeovers that include;

*Removal of old mouldy silicone seals, from the shower area.
*Removal of all mouldy and decayed grout from walls and floor.
* A thorough disinfectant is applied to the whole shower area killing nasty bacteria and mould.
* Replacing Grout on walls with premium ultra white sealed grout and for the floors we use a premium 2 part epoxy grout for added strength and longevity.
* Resealed with mould resistant silicone.
* Finished off by hand polishing of tiles, leaving your shower sparkling, fresh and like new again.

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