Not sure what type of sealer you need for your tiles and grout? we can help!

Tile Rescue only use premium grade sealers, so whether it’s a penetrating sealer you need to protect your tiles and grout or a topical sealer to give your tiles and grout protection and a glossy look we have the right one for you.

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There are two types of sealers to use on tiles, one penetrates the tile leaving a natural look and the other one is topical so it sits on top of the tile and leaves a shine. Both types are designed to improve defence against dirt, spills and deep staining of the tile.

Not all tiles need to be sealed, if your tile is glazed, ceramic or porcelain it probably won’t need to be sealed because the glaze is there as the protection as well as giving it the look, but there are some exceptions so check with your manufacturer to be sure.
If your tile is a natural stone such as travertine, granite, slate, marble, limestone etc it will definitely need to be sealed to give protection as stone is naturally porous and will absorb any spills and dirt staining fairly easily.

Tile Rescue have a premium sealer to suit each situation weather indoors or outdoors and our technicians are trained in this area to give you the right advice on what you should be using.


Tile Rescue’s Grout ColourSeal is an epoxy sealer solution which provides premium, long-term protection for floors in new homes, and completely transforms aged household floors. From stained and unattractive, to bright and beautiful in just 1 day – and an absolute dream to clean!

With the added bonus of Tile Polishing, ColourSealing grout is one of our most popular services!

We deliver fantastic results to your heavily stained floor in family homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities. This is the perfect solution for any area with a persistent grubby grout problem, particularly if presentation and hygiene standards are of high importance. Our incredible ColourSeal service is the stand-out solution.


Grout is a very porous substance, and inevitably stains from spillages and foot traffic. Whether your grout is new or many years old, it should be sealed and protected from future staining.
Tiles and grout are rotary machine cleaned (sparkling tiles – bonus!!), to extract contaminants and prepare the surface. A premium sealer is then applied to the porous grout and tiles, which creates a barrier to protect them. If you spill food, coffee, red wine or any other contaminant, the sealer helps protect the area allowing time for you to clean the spillage before it soaks in and permanently stains the grout.

  • It brings all grout back to a consistent colour (colour chart available).
  • It will not stain – the scrubbing of stained grout ends right there, as the grout becomes non-porous. That’s why we guarantee the product for up to 5 years!
  • Recolouring aged floor grout will give you longer-lasting and more cost-effective results than regrouting.
  • Beautiful, ultra-hygienic results that is pet & family friendly.
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Using the wrong cleaning products can actually cause more problems than they fix. This is why Tile Rescue has developed its own cleaning products that will keep your floors looking clean, fresh and mould free. As a Tile Rescue customer, you can buy these products from our online shop at a discounted price.


FREE In Home Demo

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting so we’ll come over, demonstrate the results, and provide you with service options without the pressure and within your budget.

Competitive Pricing

Because our tile and grout experts own their businesses they have lower overheads than our competitors. A better deal for you, every time!

Rapid Response Times

Our call centre dispatches every call to the local expert within 30 minutes, during business hours. You can expect to discuss your requirements with your expert the same day.

Appointment Times That Suit You

Not only will we come to your place outside of business hours but we won’t charge extra for it.

Owner Operated

Your tile & grout expert owns their business so they really care about giving you the best service and results unlike some employees. We don’t outsource work to other contractors so there are never any communication or quality issues.

Quotes With Options

Your on the spot quote will always include options where relevant so you’ll never pay for repairs you don’t need.

No Pressure & No Up-sells

We don’t up-sell products or services when we arrive. Because your quote comes with options that are clearly explained to you, you’ll never feel pressured into spending more than you have to.Genuine Warranties
We like to keep things very simple! Our one-page docs very clearly outline the terms and conditions of a warranty. It really is worth the paper it’s written on! if a problem persists, we’ll rectify the issue – pronto.

We Arrive On Time

If we say 9am, we’ll be there at 9am.

Everything Explained

Expect honest, clear, explanations of every problem we assess complete with options. We even give you a demo on how to look after your surfaces ongoing.

Intensive Training

To earn the right to be an expert every technician completes both in-house and onsite training at our product manufacturing plants. Their extensive product knowledge is recognised by tile retailers, tilers, builders and architects Australia-wide.

Ongoing Research & Development

We’ve developed our own range of cleaning products & sealers. To give you the best results we’re always testing our products against the industry’s. We’ve tested every commercial grade product on the market and ours are as good if not better.

We’re Guests In Your Home

Expect your visiting Tile Rescue expert to be clean, tidy and smelling fresh! As your guest, it would be rude to be late so expect us on time. We’ll not only leave the work area clean but even cleaner than it was before.

FREE Shower Health Checks

Tile Rescue can carry out an advanced leak detection test to locate the source of the problem. Your FREE report enables you to make informed choices, and compare repairers. Don’t worry, if you need a Plumber – we’ll tell you!


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