A beautiful tiled floor enhances the look of a home and adds a touch of elegance to any Gold Coast home interior. But what happens when, over time, the tiles and the grout start to look filthy and get harder and harder to clean?

That’s where we come in! Tile Rescue is Australia’s leading tile and grout maintenance expert, and we’re here to rescue your home from grimy, grungy tiles that are a pain to deal with.

Stained Tiles and Grout

Tiles that are porous are easily stained if they aren’t sealed. Often, the damage is irreversible as the material will quickly retain dirt particles or other elements, and will give the tiles a dirty, stained appearance.

It’s more difficult to detect grime when it comes to grout, but all kinds of grout are prone to being stained instantly and permanently as well, as they’re naturally porous. It’s interesting to note that the process of cleaning is actually the main culprit behind stained grout. By constantly mopping and scrubbing tiles, dirt and other contaminants are worked into and pushed deeper and deeper into the grout joints. In damp areas such as bathrooms, it gets even worse as grout can become the breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

Why Do My Tiles and Grout Need Sealing?

Porous tiles and grout will greatly benefit from sealing. Sealing is a way to bolster your tile and grout’s protection from different elements which can be absorbed by the material, such as dyes, polyester or epoxy resins, oil, and water.

Our Advantage

There are plenty of other tile cleaning services available on the market, but what separates Tile Rescue from the rest is our use of specially formulated premium cleaners and sealers that have gone through the most rigorous of tests conducted by our Research & Development Team. Our technicians, who are all expertly trained applicators, will then analyse your tiles and select the appropriate type of cleaner or sealer that’s ideal for your floor.

With this combination of premium sealers and expert applicators, you can be sure your tiles not only have the maximum defence against dirt and staining, but also that it will be flawlessly applied and protected by a sealer that will last for years.

Why Choose Tile Rescue?

We care about each customer, and having them completely satisfied with our products and services is always our top priority. After the tiles are cleaned and sealed, not only do our clients get a full genuine product and workmanship warranty, they also get tips and a detailed procedure showing how to maintain the tiles and keep them in tip-top condition.

Our service is trusted by more than 200 real estate agencies throughout Australia because of our high standards when it comes to providing quality service and excellent workmanship. Best of all, we offer our services at competitive rates and we provide affordable packages, so home and business owners  throughout the country get to experience an unparalleled level of service without breaking the bank.

We care about protecting our environment as well. All our products and cleaners are backed by copious amounts of research, all to ensure the protection and preservation of our environment and our clients’ health.

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