Owner: Ken Pilgrim
Call 1800 85 3335

After being made redundant in my old job I looked to Tile Rescue as a possible new career and after a lot of sleepless nights I made the decision to take on the Morisset area.

This turned out to be the best opportunity I could have taken, I enjoy the work and the freedom it gives me in my own business.It did not take long to pick up a good reputation of work ethic and customer satisfaction with Real Estate agents and customers.

I have lived in the Lake Macquarie area for 20 years and I am a plumber by trade which is an advantage when I can see what the problem might be on some jobs without the cost of a plumber.


I was once completing a floor colour grout where the wife had been out all day. Once she arrived home she was convinced that we had retiled parts of the house as it looked so brand new and clean. She could not believe they were the same tiles. She was one very happy customer and we are still receiving referrals from her.