Tile Rescue All Natural Rescue Cleaner -10%
Tile Rescue All Natural Rescue CleanerThe original Tile Rescue cleaner has been revamped with an a..
$8.00 $7.20
Tile Rescue Intense Shower Cleaner -10%
Tile Rescue Intense Shower CleanerTile Rescue Intense Shower Cleaner has been designed for regular..
$8.50 $7.65
Tile Rescue All Natural Floor Cleaner -50%
Tile Rescue All Natural Floor Cleaner “Great Value 1Lt size” Tile Rescue’s “Original” All Natura..
$17.60 $8.80
Tile Rescue Floor Maintenance Cleaner -10%
Tile Rescue Floor Maintenance CleanerTile Rescue’s Floor Maintenance Cleaner is a concentrated nat..
$9.00 $8.10
Tile Rescue Shower Rescue New -10%
Tile Rescue Shower Rescue Tile Rescue has created the ultimate shower mould protection product...
$9.90 $8.91
 Amazing large sponge removes dirt and marks.  Simply wet sponge and apply some elbow grea..
Microbug with Microfibre Floor Pad New
Microbug with microfibre floor pad can be attached to paint pole handle and used to effectively clea..
Tile Rescue Premium Floor Maintenance Pack New
Tile Rescue have developed the ultimate Floor Cleaning Pack to help regularly maintain you..
Soudal Multi Tool - Sealant Scraper New
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEasy to use universal scraper to remove old sealant joints. Made out of special m..
Soudal Dripless Heavy Duty Cartridge Gun New
DescriptionA Powerful heavy duty steel, trade quality cartridge gun featuring the Soudal Dripless Sy..
Soudal T-Rex Turbo White New
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONT-REX Power Turbo is a high quality, neutral, elastic, one-component adhesive-sea..