Tile Rescue Premium Floor Maintenance Pack

New Tile Rescue Premium Floor Maintenance Pack

Tile Rescue have developed the ultimate Floor Cleaning Pack to help regularly maintain your floors and keep them sparkling. 

The pack includes; 

  • Tile Rescue Floor Maintenance Cleaner 
  • Tile Rescue Intense Floor Cleaner 
  • Grout Scrubbing Brush 
  • Microbug with Microfibre Pad

Tile Rescue Floor Maintenance Cleaner

Tile Rescue’s Floor Maintenance Cleaner is a concentrated natural hospital grade disinfectant that kills bacteria on contact but leaving a refreshing lemon smell.

Designed for regular use to clean hard surface floors to maintain a fresh look with a brilliant shine. This environmentally friendly floor cleaner provides an effective solution to your tiles, stone, vinyl & timber floors.

Simply mix as per label instructions with water and mop onto surface.

Contains ethanol and natural essential oils. This product is biodegradable and PH neutral.

Tile Rescue Intense Floor Cleaner 

Tile Rescue’s new and improved Intense Floor Cleaner is designed for dealing with heavy build-up of dirt and grime on tiles and grout.

Still derived from all natural ingredients, this product is environmentally friendly and will kill germs, bacteria and remove odours from your tiles and grout.

*Not recommended for use on polished natural stone (for polished natural stone Tile Rescue Floor Maintenance Cleaner is recommended)
Contains phosphoric acid and natural essential oils.

Microbug with Microfibre Pad

Easy erasing pad, effective cleaning too used to remove marks and stains from various surfaces.  Soft flexible pad attached to "Microbug" tool which can be attached to paint brush handle.

DTA Short Handle Grout Scrubbing Brush

An ideal tool to clean grubby grout lines between tiles. 
  • Features a 'V' shape ideal for scrubbing grout lines.
  • Soft rubber handle - removal handle and can replace with paint brush 
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